Manage fatigue using predefined filters

Fatigue management controls frequency and quantity of messaging to avoid over-solicitation of recipients.
Learn how to implement fatigue management in Adobe Campaign by using filters.

Instructor] Fatigue Management controls frequency and quantity of messaging to avoid over solicitation of recipients. You can configure a predefined filter that will filter the target population by the number of messages received. If you would like to filter by number of messages received over a certain time period, you can use the out-of-the-box filter. In this video, I will show you how to create a predefined filter to filter by number of messages received a certain number of days ago.
To do this, navigate to profiles and targets and then to predefined filters. Right click on by number of messages received and duplicated.
Change the label to pressure rule, under the value and taken into account if columns. Manually change all the instances of at months or months ago to at days or days ago.
Then do the same thing in the form tab.
You can now verify that you made the correct changes by clicking on the preview tab and testing the filter.
Next, let’s take a look at how to apply the filter in a workflow.
In the query activity, expand the folder user filters and select the filter you just created called pressure rule.
Then click next.
Add the values you would like to use. I will be demonstrating a fatigue rule of two messages per seven days.
So we will set number of messages received between the lower limit of zero and the upper limit of one since the limits are inclusive. Then set in the last days equal to seven and via email.
You could also select via no value to select messages via any channel. Then click finish. Make sure that you have some recipients included in the query that will trigger the fatigue rule to test it. In other words, make sure some of the recipients haven’t messaged twice or more in the last seven days. If they have already received two messages within seven days, they will be excluded from this delivery. Now restart the workflow. Once the workflow has completed and the status is finished and the delivery activity has a blue outline, you should see fewer records above the arrow leading into the delivery activity than entering the query with the created defined filter. Thank you for watching. -