Send and validate proofs

Learn how to send and validate a proof for an email delivery.

Welcome to Adobe Campaign. In this module, we will be looking at how to send and validate proofs. By the end of the module you’ll know how to set up and deliver a proof for an email delivery.
The reason for sending proofs is for allowing the content to be rendered and viewed by either an internal or external entity, giving them the ability to review and sign off on the content. These proofs go hand-in-hand with content approval steps and are most appropriate for email deliveries.
Let’s create our own proof for sending. In the edit tab, select advanced campaign parameters and navigate to the approvals tab. Make sure enable content approval is ticked and you have a review attached. For this demonstration we’ll select ourselves. Approvals are covered in-depth in a different video. All you need to know is this sets up deliveries to request approval on the content. To enable proofs, select the change the proof validation setting and make sure enable the sending of proofs emails is selected. Let’s close this window and navigate to our dashboard. Here, we see an email delivery that has already been created. Once done, let’s head back to the dashboard and select open. In the email delivery, select the To link and navigate to the target of proofs. In the targeting mode, we want to have this definition of a specific proof target selected. For this demo, we will select ourselves. This can be done by selecting the add button, a recipient and selecting our name. Select okay to complete this. We also need to make sure proof sending is enabled on this delivery. Navigate to the properties tab and approvals. We should see enable content approval selected and we also need to make sure that enable proof sending is selected. Now, just add some simple content and choose save. We’re now ready to submit our email delivery. Let’s choose submit content and select okay. We’re now able to approve this delivery. We should receive two emails. The first email we receive is the proof. Opening it, we see the content fully rendered from the end-user perspective. The second email we receive is the approval request. In this mail, we have all the details for the campaign and the particular delivery. We see a link asking to approve or reject the content based on our review of the proof. These approvals are covered in another video. Let’s select the link which will open up a new tab and direct us to the login page. After logging in, we see a form requesting an action on the delivery. For now, let’s reject the proof.
Navigating back to Adobe Campaign and refreshing our campaign dashboard, we see our delivery has been rejected. If we select this rejected status, we see the timestamp of when it was rejected and any other details that come with it, such as comments. From here, we can reset the content. This will allow us to edit the content and then resubmit it for approval later. There’s another way to send proofs that doesn’t require submitting the content for approval. Select open on our delivery and select send a proof. From here, we can select a target similar to the settings on the delivery properties. It is already prefilled with our previously selected user but we have the option to make changes. Now, select the analyze button to analyze all our recipients but now on our proof target instead. After reviewing the logs from the analysis we can confirm delivery.
Back in our email client, we again see the proof. This time, however, we see only the proof without the request for approval. This is a great way to test the proof through several iterations before committing to a full delivery. -