Personalize emails using personalization fields

Personalization fields are used for first-level personalization of the content of delivered messages. The fields you insert in a main content show the position where to insert the data from a selected data source.

Learn how to add a personalization field to the subject line and the content of an email delivery.

You will add additional personalization fields in the subject line and in the content of a delivery.
You can use the personalized field syntax to display personalized fields in your delivery content.
They allow you to display information directly from the adobe campaign’s database such as, the recipient’s first or last name or any other custom variables that are calculated using campaign work flows or JavaScript codes.
In this example, let’s add the recipients first name to the email content.
Open the e-mail template from the resource folder and go to the source tab.
Position your cursor in the content where you want to add a personalization field.
Then, click on the personalized fields icon, select the Recipients menu and select the First name.
We will also add a bit of text and further customize the delivery.
Let’s see how the content looks in the HTML tab.
Click on HTML tab.
We can see that the content has been modified.
The content can be previewed with a specific recipient by going to the Preview tab.
Select the recipient by clicking on the arrow next to test personalization.
We can see the personalization field content has been substituted with the recipient’s first name.
You can also add content to the subject line by clicking on the blue Subject link in your delivery.
Select the personalization field from the drop down menu.
The subject line has been updated accordingly.
We have just added personalization fields to delivery templates. -