Create and design email deliveries

Understand the process of creating an email delivery and learn how to design and personalize email content.

Welcome to Adobe Campaign.
In this module, we will cover the process for creating email deliveries, designing email content and using personalized fields in our emails.
To create and design email deliveries start by navigating to the campaign section of the interface and select deliveries. Here, we see a list of all previous deliveries that have been created. Select create to start crafting an email delivery. On this interface, we’ll select email delivery of mail on the dropdown and modify other parameters as needed. Let’s change our label to my first delivery and continue. This is where we will be crafting our email content. We’ll start by adding some recipients to our email campaign by clicking on to. This will bring up an interface where we can customize what kind of audience we’re trying to target. There are a number of different target mappings to choose from but we’ll stick with individual recipients. Selecting add, will open another window allowing us to add users to our target population. We’ll select the type of target we want to send the email to. There are a variety of ways to filter out targets depending on how our recipients are organized in campaign. In this case, we will select a recipient. Since I will be sending this to myself, I will select my own email then finished to confirm. Adding attachments is just as simple. Select attachments and a new window will open allowing us to add any attachments that might be necessary for our campaign. The subject of the email can be typed into the bar directly. We can also open the interface for more options including personalization. The content of the email will be crafted using the rich text editor below. Whatever we craft here, Campaign will automatically generate the HTML source for us to view under the source tab. To personalize content in the subject and body of the email, we can click on this icon. This icon will add different custom personalized information to the email. Let’s add our first name and last name to the message to give it a personal feel. Finally, to review our email for a specific recipient we can use the preview tab. From here, we can test personalization for different individuals. Let’s try it using myself and that’s it. We see that the personalization is inserted right into the email so my name appears. After crafting our content, we can save to complete creating our email delivery. We now see our email delivery in the list of deliveries. This confirms we have successfully created our mail delivery. -