Monitor marketing campaigns monitoring-marketing-campaigns

Track a campaign tracking-a-campaign

For each campaign, the Tracking tab lets you view all jobs and their statuses. The following information is accessible via this sub-tab:

  • The activity journal shows the jobs carried out on the campaign in general: workflow creation or start, approval, extraction, etc.

  • The Deliveries sub-tab contains all the deliveries of the campaign which can be edited from this view. To do so, select the delivery and click the Detail icon.

  • The Tasks sub-tab groups all tasks linked to the campaign. This view lets you edit them or delete them. Tasks are available with the MRM application. They are detailed in this section.

  • The workflows created to generate messages for service providers are displayed in the Jobs on service providers sub-tab. Click the Detail icon to display the selected workflow.

Delivery tracking delivery-tracking

The list of deliveries is available via the Deliveries link of the Campaign node.

For each delivery, this list lets you access the key indicators: status, number of recipients targeted, linked campaigns, etc.

To check the status of a delivery, edit it and view its dashboard and tabs.

Information concerning delivery details is available in this section section.

Execution tracking execution-tracking

You can look up the status of deliveries by clicking the Deliveries, which is accessible via the Adobe Campaign home page. See Delivery tracking.

Information concerning the processes executed in a campaign are collected in the Edit > Audit tab of the campaign. There, you can view the list of deliveries in the campaign. Learn more.