Discussion forums discussion-forums

Adobe Campaign operators can use discussion forums to share information. The following elements each have their own forum: plans, programs, campaigns, resources, simulations, stocks. Each operator also has a personal forum. All discussions are public, even on personal forums.

Operators can subscribe to a forum to receive a notification email each time a message is posted.

Access a forum accessing-a-forum

To visit the forum of a campaign, an operator, etc., go to its dashboard and click the Forum link in the top right-hand corner. This link also gives you the total number of messages in the forum.

Use a forum using-a-forum

Messages and their responses are shown in chronological order (from newest to oldest).

To display the content of a message, click on its header.

Start a new discussion

To start a new discussion, click the Add a discussion button in the top right-hand corner. The Discussion forum box comes up (see below).

Post a message to an existing discussion

To post a message to an existing discussion, open the message that you want to answer, then click the Reply link in the top left-hand corner. The Discussion forum box comes up (see below).

When you reply to a message, the person who posted the original message will receive a notification.

Write a message

In the Discussion forum box:

  1. Enter your text in the Message field and a discussion title in the Subject field.

  2. If necessary:

    • If you want someone to take part in the discussion who isn’t subscribed to the forum, use the Operator to notify field. The operator will receive a notification email for this specific message (they will not be subscribed to the forum). To notify several operators, select a group of operators.
    • To add an attachment to the message, click Browse. The attachment will also be included in the notification email. Attachments may only be sent individually: to send several files, you need to zip them.
  3. Click Create the message to post it to the forum.

Once a message has been posted to the forum, it can no longer be changed or deleted.

Post to the personal forum of an operator posting-to-the-personal-forum-of-an-operator

You can post a message to the forum of an operator if, for instance, your message doesn’t concern a specific campaign but you still want to keep track of the conversation in Adobe Campaign. Personal forums are public and all operators will see your message. The operator receives a message each time someone posts to their personal forum.

To access an operator’s forum:

  • If you have the necessary rights to access the Administration > Access management > Operators node of the explorer, open the dashboard of the desired operator and click the Forum link in the top right-hand corner.
  • If not, find the name of the operator in Adobe Campaign (via a message posted to the forum by this operator, a task being assigned to them) and click on it to access their dashboard. You can also ask your administrator to create a view of the operator folder.

Subscribe to a forum subscribing-to-a-forum

Subscribing to a forum lets you follow discussions. You will receive an email notification each time a message is posted to the forum. This email will contain the message body and any attachments. To answer a message, click in the email body, then log in to the Adobe Campaign web interface. When you subscribe to a forum, this information is visible to all.

  • To subscribe to a forum, click the Follow discussions button in the top right hand section above the list of messages.

    The section goes blue and shows that you are subscribed to the forum.

  • To unsubscribe from a forum, click the Unsubscribe button.

  • Your personal dashboard lists the forums which you are subscribed to. Click the Subscription to discussion forums link to display the list, then click the item that interests you to access its forum.

    For more on personal dashboards, refer to the this section.

  • To see who is subscribed to a forum, click the List of subscribers to this discussion forum link above the list of messages.

Check notification delivery checking-notification-delivery

If operators subscribed to a forum aren’t receiving notifications as expected:

  • Check that email addresses are entered in the operator’s profiles.

  • Go to the Administration > Production > Technical workflows > Campaign processes node and check that the Jobs in discussion forums workflow is started and free of errors.

  • View the delivery logs:

    • On the Adobe Campaign home page, go to Campaigns > Navigation > Deliveries, then open the Discussion forum notification delivery.
    • In the explorer, go to Administration > Production > Objects created automatically > Technical deliveries > Workflow notifications, then click Discussion forum notifications.

    In the Discussion forum notifications box, the delivery logs are found in the Edit > Delivery tab. You can also view the Tracking > Log and the Exclusion causes tabs.