Work with Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics adobe-analytics-connector-gs

Adobe Analytics Connector allows Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics interact through the Web Analytics connectors package. It forwards data to Adobe Campaign in the form of segments concerning user behavior following a campaign. Conversely, it sends indicators and attributes of campaigns delivered by Adobe Campaign to Adobe Analytics.

Guardrails and prerequisites adobe-analytics-connector-guardrails

Before starting working with the Adobe Campaign-Adobe Analytics connector, consider the following guardrails and prerequisites.

  • For this integration, connecting to Campaign with Adobe Identity Management System (IMS) is required. Learn more.

  • Adobe Analytics Connector is not compatible with Transactional messaging (Message Center).

  • The Web Analytics connector add-on must be installed on your environment, through the dedicated package.

    • For Hybrid and On-Premise implementations, make sure to follow the provisioning steps detailed in this page.
    • As a Hoster or Managed Cloud Services user, contact Adobe to connect Campaign with Adobe Experience Cloud services and solutions.

Configuration and usage adobe-analytics-connector-usage

Learn how to work with Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics in Adobe Campaign v8 documentation.