Load delivery content loading-delivery-content

If your delivery content is available in an HTML file located on Amazon S3, FTP or SFTP servers, you can easily load this content into Adobe Campaign deliveries.

To do this:

  1. If you haven’t already defined a connection between Adobe Campaign and the (S)FTP server hosting the content files, create a new S3, FTP or SFTP external account in Administration > Platform > External Accounts. Specify in this external account the address and credentials used to establish the connection to the S3 or (S)FTP server.

    Here is an example of an S3 external account:

  2. Create a new workflow, for example from Profiles and Targets > Jobs > Targeting workflows.

  3. Add a File transfer activity into your workflow, and configure it by specifying

    • The external account to use to connect to the S3 or (S)FTP server.
    • The path of the file on the S3 or (S)FTP server.

  4. Add a Delivery activity and connect it to the outbound transition of the File transfer activity. Configure it as follows:

    • Delivery: According to your needs, it can be a specific delivery that is already created in the system, or a new delivery based on an existing template.
    • Recipients: In this example, it is considered that the target is specified in the delivery itself.
    • Content: Even if the content is imported in the previous activity, select Specified in the delivery. As the content is imported directly from a file located on a remote server, it has no identifier when processed by the workflow and cannot be identified as coming from the inbound event.
    • Action to perform: Select Save to save the delivery and be able to access it from Campaign management > Deliveries once the workflow is executed.

  5. In the Script tab of the Delivery activity, add the following command to load the content of the imported file in the delivery:

    code language-none

  6. Save and execute the workflow. A new delivery with the loaded content is created under Campaign management > Deliveries.

Best practices and troubleshooting on SFTP server usage are detailed in this page.