Offers by cell offers-by-cell

The Offers by cell activity lets you distribute the inbound population (from a query for example) into several segments and to specify an offer to present for each of these segments.

This activity can only be used with Interaction. For more information, refer to this section.

To do this:

  1. Add the Offers by cell activity once you have specified the target population, then open it.

  2. In the General tab, select the offer space on which you want to present the offers.

  3. In the Cells tab, specify the different sub-sets using the Add button:

    • Specify the subset population using the available filtering and limiting rules.

    • Next, select the offer that you want to present to the sub-set. The available offers are those that are eligible on the offer space that was selected at the previous step.

  4. Then configure a delivery activity that corresponds to your chosen channel. Refer to Cross-channel deliveries.