Loading (SOAP) loading-soap

The Loading (SOAP) activity is only available if you have the FDA (Federated Data Access) module installed. Please check your license agreement.

The Loading (SOAP) activity is used in addition to the data loading (RDBMS) activity when it is not possible to collect data directly via the FDA in an external database.

Operation is as follows:

  1. Select between using an XML example or a WSDL.

    The following example comes from a technical workflow of the Message Center module.

  2. For an XML example, select a sample file. The file is analyzed to establish a result example.

    For a WSDL, enter the matching access URL then generate the skeletal code. The service and call selected are automatically updated and displayed.

  3. Select Click here to view and edit analysis results to specify each identified column.

    If you wish to update the example, select Re-analyze the example.

    You can also personalize the format of column data via the Advanced parameters link. For more on formatting imported data, refer to this section.

  4. You can use the line number as an identifier and/or specify that the SOAP call returns several elements.

  5. Enter the following tab scripts according to their function:

    • Initialization: establishes an SOAP connection.

    • Iteration: performs the call to SOAP service. The return for this function must be an XML object that is compatible with the description of the example or the WSDL.

      The code of this tab will be called in a loop by Adobe Campaign until a null XML object is returned.

    • Finalization: closes connection and/or frees other resources created during processing.