Travel & hospitality industry business challenge

A casino and entertainment company in the United States wanted to revolutionize their ability to leverage data to create real-time personalized connections. This vision became even more vital as the COVID-19 pandemic changed how customers interact with travel and hospitality businesses.

Leveraging Adobe technologies & services this organization is now prepared to excel in its goals and is ready to face the post-pandemic future.

Adobe approach

  • Integrated Adobe Experience Platform into their existing technology stack to deliver cross-solution customer interactions.
  • Activated Real-time Customer Data Platform and Customer Journey Analytics to provide ongoing analysis and personalized customer profiles.
  • Developed a holistic view of its customer journey to support effective marketing attribution and resource allocation.
  • Responded COVID-19 with a strategy that has prepared its business while continuing to engage its customers.

Business value delivered

Value Unlocked
Make every experience relevant to that guest

Business ready insights & data democracy through dashboards

Organizational & Operational Efficacy
  • Built unified rewards program guest profiles using online & offline data for activation and measurement
  • Real time activation across channels at speed and scale
  • Customer level analysis capability unlocked with Customer Journey Analysis
  • Develop intelligence in order to improve activation by learning from the historical click stream interaction data.
  • Use online and offline data to unify a customer view for insights across customer journeys and channels.
  • Cross-Channel Activation: Driving 3X email engagement, addressable audience growth & impression growth, highly personalized web experiences
  • Intelligence: Guest rewards program operates an activation campaign to reduce member churn rates
  • Reporting: Merged online/offline data with AI/ML learnings into a business friendly journey & attribution dashboard while also reducing latency (by days)
  • Future-proofed Technology Stack: Tens of millions of profiles across 7 channels ready to execute on cross-sell, up-sell, and spend optimization scenarios

Primary blueprint: Activation with online and offline data


  • Activate to known profile-based destinations, such as email providers, social networks, and advertising destinations.
  • Use offline attributes and events, such as offline orders, transactions, CRM, or loyalty data along with online behavior for online targeting and personalization.

Experience Cloud applications

  • Adobe Experience Platform
  • Real-time Customer Data Platform
  • Adobe Audience Manager
  • Customer Journey Analytics

Blueprint architecture

thumbnail image for a Travel & Hospitality business making real-time decisions with a single consolidated view of customer behavior across various channels.