Telecommunications industry business challenge

Before implementing this blueprint the telecommunications company’s “add a new line” email campaigns relied on whether the user had converted and only checked for this after a seven-day waiting period. Once these criteria were met any additional touch-points were initiated.

This limitation had to be solved in order to initiate a timelier follow-up to users wished wanted to add a line earlier than the current state 7-day waiting period.

Adobe approach

  • Adobe Analytics data to identify users who failed to convert to add a new line are included as a data source for use by Adobe Journey Optimizer.
  • Adobe Journey Optimizer uses a rule to time when customer’s receive a customized “abandon” message designed to encourage a customer to convert by adding a new line to their account.

Business value delivered

Value Unlocked
Drive higher campaign conversion rates

Grow annual account revenues
  • Create a new segment in near real time for users who have shown an interest in adding a line but not yet converted.
  • Drive follow-up for unconverted customers with a second touchpoint for interested non-converters.
  • Use a testing strategy to measure journey performance & optimize for conversion through email.
  • High Quality, Relevant Experiences: With journey orchestration in place customers experience more relevant messaging which reduces email list churn.
  • Journey Orchestration at Scale: A personalized and timelier journey can be created to drive an increase in conversions and total revenue.

Primary blueprint: Audience and activation with Experience Cloud applications


  • Execute triggered and streaming messaging using Adobe Experience Platform as a central hub for streaming data, customer profiles and segmentation, with Journey Orchestration for streaming journey orchestration and message delivery

Experience Cloud applications

  • Adobe Journey Optimizer

Blueprint architecture

image for an Telecommunications business offers tailored deals in real-time while with efficient customer onboarding for long term loyalty.