Audience and Profile Activation blueprints

Audience and profile activation is the key to success in a data-driven marketing world. However, many brands still focus their efforts on channel-first activation, which often delivers inconsistent reach and personalization.

With a channel-first approach, each channel acts as a silo in which personalization efforts target only the customers interacting with the brand on that channel. This approach doesn’t reflect the reality that customers interact with brands across many different touchpoints. Audience and Profile activation allows brands to connect customer interactions across multiple channels, to deliver a centralized profile and audience that can be activated to all channels.

Blueprints in Audience and Profile Activation

Real-time Customer Profile architecture

The below illustration outlines the core components of the Real-time Customer Profile of the Experience Platform.

For addition documentation related to profile, segmentation and activation see the RTCDP Overview Documentation and the Real-Time Customer Profile overview pages.

Reference architecture for the Real-time Customer Profile {width="90%" modal="regular"}

Guardrails for Audience and Profile Activation blueprints

For detailed guardrails and end to end latencies refer to the deployment guardrails document and the Profile and Segmentation Guardrails