SSL/TLS Certificate Licensing

Adobe recommends that you manage your certificate at no additional cost through the Adobe Managed Certificate Program. The Adobe Managed Certificate prorgram is fully automated and ensures certificates are renewed in a timely manner so that there is no impact due to expired certificates.

If you use choose not to use the Adobe Managed Certificate Program you are responsible for providing a SSL/TLS certificate to be used for first-party cookies.

If you provide your own certificate, it is your responsibility to purchase and maintain it. Your SSL/TLS certificate must include an unlimited server license.

In order to ensure certificate security, obtain a certificate signing request [CSR] from Adobe and arrange with your desired Certificate Authority to have the certificate signed. Provide Adobe with the signed certificate for implementation. By following this process, the security of the certificate’s key is maintained. Adobe Customer Care will assist in this process.

As part of certificate maintenance, at least one month prior to the expiration of your certificate, arrange with your desired certificate authority to obtain a renewed certificate and provide this to Adobe. This certificate should use the same CSR used previously. Contact Adobe if you need a copy of the CSR or would like a new CSR generated with a new key.

Customer Care can be reached at or 1-800-497-0335.

Commonly used certificate authorities include DigiCert, Comodo and GeoTrust.