Managing Adobe System Status Subscriptions managing-subscription

Using your Adobe ID, you can subscribe to event notifications with granularity, from the product level then down to the product offering and add-on level. To help you setup your subscription faster, the self-subscription process recommends a selection of products and offerings based on your product entitlements. This should reduce the number of emails you receive, and deliver more relevant notifications in your inbox.

How to Subscribe to Adobe System Status Updates subscribing

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In at the top right.
  3. Sign in with your Adobe credentials.
  4. Click Manage Subscriptions to the upper right, above the listed Clouds.
  5. If you already subscribed to updates, you will see your current subscriptions. Click Edit Subscriptions.
  6. Select the required Products, then click Continue.
    You can now choose wether you want to have the same subcription for all your products, or customize by product.
  7. Select the Region and Event Types you wish to receive and click Continue.
  8. Click Done
You should receive a confirmation email.