Frequently Asked Questions faq

What do the colors mean on the Adobe System Status page?

  • Grey indicates that we investigated a potential service disruption and determined it to be non-impactful.
  • Orange indicates a Minor Issue.
  • Red indicates a Major Issue.
  • Blue indicates a scheduled maintenance.
  • Green indicates all services are operating normally.

How do I see previous CSOs or CMRs?

  • Navigate to
  • Click the required Cloud, for example Experience Cloud.
  • Click the required Product, for example Adobe Analytics.
  • Click the required Capability, for example Adobe Analytics Collection.
  • Now you can click the dots on the date line to view the details of what occurred on that day.


When are notifications sent to customers, and when do CSOs/CMRs appear on Adobe System Status?

  • Planned Maintenance notifications are sent as soon as the CMR is Approved, up to 30 days in advance. Adobe System Status is updated at the same time.
  • Urgent CMRs appear on Adobe System Status as soon as they are approved.
  • CSOs appear on Adobe System Status as soon as a Discovery or Investigation phase CSO is created, and severity is a Sev 2 or higher.

What does a notification look like?

It looks like this:


How do I find the CSO Record number?

From either the Adobe System Status page or the email notification, you will see a long number that looks like this: 2019112503. This is the CSO number.

How are the CSO numbers generated?

The CSO number contains the date of the CSO and the last two numbers refer to the order of CSOs that have occurred that day. For example, 2019112503 occurred on 11/25/2019 and was the third CSO to occur that day.