Create a request in Workfront Library

You can create a work request, such as a request for content to be created, and submit the request to a Request Queue in Workfront. You can then assign it to another user or convert it into a task in Workfront. For more information on requests, see Overview of converting issues in Adobe Workfront.

Before users can create a request in Workfront Library, a Workfront system administrator must create a request queue and make it available to users. For more information on request queues, see Create a Request Queue.

  1. In Workfront, click the Main Menu icon , then select Library to open Workfront Library in a new browser tab.

  2. In the upper-left corner of Workfront Library, click the Menu icon .

  3. In the left panel, click Requests >Make a Request.

  4. Click in the Select a Request Type box, and in the drop-down list, select the request queue you want to send your request.

    The options that display on the request form depend on how the request queue is configured. For information on populating the fields on the request form, see Creating and Submitting Workfront Requests.

  5. Complete the request form, then click Submit Request.

    The request is submitted to the selected request queue in Workfront. For more information on work requests in Workfront, see Creating and Submitting Workfront Requests.

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