Send documents from Workfront to Workfront Library

With Manager or higher access to Workfront Library, you can send a copy of a document that is uploaded to a project, task, or issue in Workfront to folders that you own or folders that you have access to Manage.

The Workfront copy of the document is not linked to the copy in Workfront Library, and changes made to one copy of the document are not updated in the other copy. Additionally, if you send a new version of a document that is already in Workfront Library, the new version is uploaded as a separate file with the same name as the original version.

To learn how to send a document from Workfront Library to Workfront, see Add a Workfront Library asset to Workfront.

  1. In Workfront, navigate to the document you want to send to Workfront Library.

  2. Select the document, then click the More drop-down arrow.

  3. Select Send to > Workfront Library.

  4. In the Send to Workfront Library dialog box, select either My Content or Library. The folder structure of the selected area displays. You can only send the document directly to the Library area, the My Content area, or to a folder that resides within one of these areas.

  5. (Optional) To place the document in a folder, open the desired folder.

  6. Click Next.

    The Metadata panel for the document displays. Depending on how your metadata taxonomy is set up, some of the metadata fields might be prepopulated with metadata from Workfront, for example, the project name.

  7. Enter the metadata for the document, then click Send.

    A copy of the document is sent to Workfront Library.

Documents in Workfront that have been sent to Workfront Library display the Workfront icon.

You can also send documents from Workfront to an external cloud provider. For information, see Update and link a document from Workfront to an external cloud provider in Link documents from external applications.

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