Add keywords to metadata in Workfront Library

Keyword metadata consists of terms that describe the attributes and content of an asset. Users select keywords from the picklist when they upload content to Workfront Library. Only keywords in the keyword picklist can be added to content’s metadata. For more information about keywords, see Overview of keyword metadata in Workfront Library

As a Workfront Library administrator, you can keep your organization’s keyword metadata consistent by configuring a keyword picklist.

  1. In Workfront, click the Main Menu icon , then select Library to open Workfront Library in a new browser tab.

  2. In the upper-left corner of Workfront Library, click the Menu icon .

  3. In the left panel, click Setup> Keywords.

  4. Click Type to add main keyword, type the term you want to add, then press Enter.

    You cannot enter a term that is already in the keyword list.

  5. (Optional) To add a child keyword:

    1. Hover over the main keyword and select the Add Keyword icon.

    2. Click Type to add keyword under, type the child keyword, then press Enter.

    3. Repeat Step 5 to add additional child keywords to the main keyword.


    You can further refine the keyword structure by adding child keywords to the child keywords, and so on.

When you exit the keyword setup area, the keywords rearrange to display in alphabetical order.

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