Workfront Library release activity - May 3, 2019

This page describes all changes made available to Workfront Library with the release to the Production environment on May 3.

For a list of all changes made to Workfront Library, see Workfront Library release activity.

The Workfront Library release on May 3 contains the following enhancements:

Cover Images Display for Folders and Collections

Now you can use cover images to more easily identify the contents and scope of folders and collections. When you create a folder, you can select the cover image using the thumbnail of any asset in Workfront Library (this functionality will soon be available for collections). For information on selecting a cover image for a folder, see Create a folder in Workfront Library.

Expiration Metadata for Documents Sent from Workfront to Workfront Library

If your metadata taxonomy allows for content expiration, you can now specify an expiration date for documents that you send from Workfront to Workfront Library. Prior to this change, you could not enter an expiration date for documents sent from Workfront. For more information see:

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