Workfront Library release activity - June 19, 2019

This page describes all changes made available to Workfront Library with the release to the Production environment on June 19.

For a list of all changes made to Workfront Library, see Workfront Library release activity.

The Workfront Library release on June 19 contains the following enhancements:

Cover Images Display for Collections

Now you can add a cover image to a collection to make it easier to identify its contents. When you create a collection, you can select the cover image using the thumbnail of any asset in Workfront Library . For more information, see Create a collection in Workfront Library.

Watch a video demonstration of this feature.

If you don’t select a cover image for a collection, Workfront Library selects a cover image based on the items contained in the collection. You can change the cover image for collections to which you have Manage permissions. For more information, see Change the cover image on an item in Workfront Library.

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