Workfront Library release activity - April 18, 2019

This page describes all changes made available to Workfront Library with the release to the Production environment on April 18.

For a list of all changes made to Workfront Library, see Workfront Library release activity.

The Workfront Library release on April 18 contains the following enhancements:

Access Workfront Library from Workfront

You can now navigate to Workfront Library from within Workfront. Users who have access to Workfront Library can click the Library icon in the Global Navigation Bar in Workfront to open Workfront Library in a separate browser tab.

For information on setting up users and assigning access, see Overview of user access to Workfront Library.

Associated Content Displays When Deleting a Keyword

Now, prior to deleting a keyword, you can see all the content tagged with the keyword. This gives you more context to determine whether you want to proceed with the deletion. For more information, see Delete a keyword from the picklist in Workfront Library.

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