Configure how Workfront calculates resource hour and FTE availability for the Scheduling area


The Scheduling functionality described in this article has been deprecated and removed from Adobe Workfront starting with the 23.1 release in January 2023.

This article will also be removed shortly after the 23.1 release, in early 2023. At this time, we recommend that you update any bookmarks accordingly.

You can now use the Workload Balancer to schedule work for your resources.

For information about scheduling resources using the Workload Balancer, see the section The Workload Balancer.

The Adobe Workfront administrator determines how Workfront calculates resource availability and user allocation at the system level (considering hours as well as FTE availability) when they configure Resource Management preferences.

They can select to use one of the following:

  • The Default Schedule of the system and the user’s FTE.
  • The user’s schedule.

For more information, see Configure Resource Management preferences.

This setting affects user availability in the following circumstances when scheduling resources:

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