Form designer overview

The information on this page refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the Preview Sandbox environment.

You can use the new form designer to design a custom form that users can attach to a Workfront object. Users who work on the object can fill out the custom form to supply information about the object.

The new form designer has a new canvas-style workspace that allows you to view the fields, canvas, and field settings all at the same time. It also allows you to drag-and-drop fields within the sections while designing your form.

How to access the new form designer

There is a new button at the top of both the new form designer and the legacy form builder. You can use this button to switch between the legacy builder and the new designer.

New functionality available with the form designer

With the new form designer, we’ve added the ability to

  • Copy a field: You can now copy existing fields by clicking on the Copy icon on the fields directly from the canvas.

  • Change the size for Descriptive text: You can now assign small, medium, or large sizes to Descriptive text fields. You can also use them on the same row with other fields.

  • Use a Default section: If the form creator has not added a section at the top of the form, a Default section is now visible in the canvas, so that users can adjust the permissions for fields that have no custom section assigned.


    Default section is not visible within objects once the form is attached to the object.

Functionality coming soon

The following are not currently available in the form designer but will be added soon:

  • Adjust the size of descriptive text

  • Display/Skip logic

  • Filter for typeahead fields


The existing configurations for logic and typeahead filters will not be affected when you work with the new form designer.

Functionality removed from the form designer

We’ve removed the following functionality from inside form designer:

  • Form Settings, Form Sharing, Field Sharing tabs

    • Form settings are now available at the top of the canvas

    • Form Sharing main tab and Field Sharing subtab


    You can control the form and field sharing from Setup > Custom Forms > Forms or Fields tab.

  • Track field changes in update feeds


    You can find this in Setup > Interface > Update Feeds

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