Convert a document to a proof

Last update: 2023-06-27
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In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Generate a proof of a document already in Workfront
  • Add a workflow while generating the proof
  • Add or edit a workflow after the proof is created

Who can upload documents?

Your system administrator determines in what format—document or proof—you can upload files into Workfront. Some users may be able to upload only documents, some upload only proofs, or some upload both. Your permissions are based on your role in the proofing workflow.

If you find these settings need to be adjusted, talk with your system administrator.

Your turn


Don’t forget to remind your co-workers you’re sending them a proof as part of your Workfront training.

  1. Open a project, task, or issue and go to the Documents section. Upload two or three documents.
  2. Now convert one of the documents into a proof but don’t add a proofing workflow yet.
  3. Convert the second document into a proof, adding a basic workflow with a deadline of 4 pm today.
  4. Go back to the proof you created in step 2 of this exercise and add a proof workflow template. If your organization doesn’t have any yet, set up a 2-stage proof workflow from scratch.

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