Activate by aligning a goal to another

Last update: 2023-10-17
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When you align two goals one will become the parent goal and the other a child goal. A parent goal can have multiple child goals but a child goal can only align to one parent goal.

  1. Open the child goal by clicking on it’s name in the Goal List. By default you will find yourself in the Goal Details tab.

  2. Click the +Add button in the Parent goal information panel.

    A screenshot of the Goal Details tab

  3. Start typing the name of the desired parent goal in the Parent goal field, then select it when it appears in the list. Only goals from the same period or a future period appear in the list.

    A screenshot of the Goal Details panel showing the Parent goal information panel

  4. Click Save Changes.

Aligning a goal to another goal creates a child goal. Think of child goals as individual goals that contribute to the progress of the organization’s or team’s parent goals. Child goals can activate and influence the progress of the parent goal.

Now activate the parent goal

Now that you have created a child goal it becomes a progress indicator on your parent goal. You will see the Activate option when you click on the three dot menu next to the parent goal name.

A screenshot showing how to activate the parent goal.

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