Establish system settings in Brand Connect

Last update: 2023-06-27
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The Brand Connect settings control who can see the portal, who can publish content to the portal, and who can manage the brand guidelines.

To access the settings, log into Workfront DAM.

  1. Click the settings icon in the navigation bar and select Brand Connect. Or click Brands in the navigation bar.
  2. Then click the Edit option at the top-right corner of the Brand Connect panel. If your organization has multiple Brand Connects, make sure you’re editing the right one.

A screenshot of the Brand Connect settings panel

Talk to your Workfront consultant if you have questions about any of these settings.

  • Brand Connect Title—Name the Brand Connect (or change the name).
  • Who can view this portal?—Set the groups that can view the Brand Connect. For example, if you add the Logged In group, then all logged in users can see the portal. However, the folder permissions still apply, so even though a user can see the portal, they won’t be able to access assets unless the Logged In group was given permissions to the folder.
  • Who can publish to this portal?—Set the groups that can publish assets to the Brand Connect. These will be contributor groups. They can only publish items that they have access to.
  • Who can manage brand guidelines?—Set the groups that can manage the Brand Guidelines. Managing the guidelines are not limited to admin users. You can set a contributor group to edit the guidelines.
  • Display this portal in search engines?—Do you want the Brand Connect URL to show up when people run searches on the internet?
  • Allow embeddable links?—Can embeddable links come from the Brand Connect? This adds a Get Links panel to the Share menu that provides embeddable links for the asset.
  • Enable/Disable social?—If social is enabled (check the box), users can like and comment on assets.
  • Enable/Disable download and view count?—When enabled, users can see how many times an asset has been downloaded and how many comments it has.
  • Hide facets initially—Hide the metadata search filters that appear in the left panel on the Assets page.
  • Lightbox label—Select a label for Lightboxes — Lightbox, Collection, Favorites, or Favourites.

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