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Last update: 2023-10-17
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In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Customize the navigation bar and footer
  • Customize the home page and login page

I’m actually going to move right on over here to appearance because we’re going to set now the appearance, how we want the brand portal to look. So if I click appearance, it’ll give me a dropdown and now I can select header, footer, homepage or my login and we’re just going to start right up here at the header.

We’re going to let it do it’s thinking thing and here we go. So we can choose and it will give us like a preview up here across the top that you can choose your background color. So we could say, well, maybe we don’t like that blue, maybe we have a specific color for our organization. I don’t know, I don’t know if I can actually find the work front orange in here. Kind of an interesting color. And if you happen to know hexadecimal codes, then you know feel free to use that. I don’t know if that’s kind of close or not. Probably not even close. Orange is one of those harder ones to kind of narrow in on, but you could actually change the background color and hit save, right, and it’ll show you what that’s going to look like. Actually, that’s not bad. That’s actually pretty dang close to the Workfront colors, right? So we can actually change the color of our background, but the header, we can change our link colors as well. So currently it’s just set to this white. So if you know hexadecimal codes for your own company’s color schemes or your schema then you can go ahead and put those in right there, just type 'em in and it will recognize the hexadecimal code. But again, we could change this and say well let’s do like a gray-ish color maybe, right? And then when I save it you’ll see it starts updating.

And then you can even choose the height that you want this.

When you’re using the height, you’re going to want to change this actually based on the logo that you can add. Okay? So if you click right here and it says change the logo, right, and then upload your own, like if you have here in one of your folders, your logos, right? So you can see right there logos, you could add it and depending on the height or how big your logo is then you can adjust this height. So we could make it, we could increase this how it’s getting a little bit bigger there. Okay? So you could actually just delete this out and say I want it to be a height of 100, right? And just put in the number, or again, just up and use your up and down arrow to set the height.

Okay? Now when you want to save the information, again, click save right here. I don’t want to save this, so I’m just going to click reset. It’s going to ask you, are you sure you want to delete the preset? I’m going to go ahead and hit reset, cuzlook, all my colors are changed, right? It’ll say header reset successfully and it’ll set it back to the colors, okay? Just the defaults and that’s what this is right here okay? Just kind of keep an eye out for save buttons as you kind of move through this area cuz they may shift from side to side.

All right, so let’s move on from the header and let’s look at our footer, right? So we don’t have to exit out of this, we can actually just adjust it from right in here.

Now, when we’re looking at the footer this is where we’re going to, select what we want it to see on the bottom of the brand portal.

We can choose how we want to do this, whether we want to use code or visual.

Okay? Shall we change that? So if we’re doing visual, you’re going to type in HTML code. Now I’m not going to pretend like I know HTML code and start typing in something, but if you have individuals in your organization that are proficient and prolific at using HTML, then you can code this the way that you want to, right? So that’s code. This is visual. So you can click right here and add content. So you can type in something you can bold it and choose how you want it to, if you had a link that you wanted to insert you can do that too and choose how you want it to render. So this is your footer. We can also change our homepage.

All right. So when we’re dealing on our homepage right, this is where we can select from over here, our initial pages that an individual’s going to see when they log into the brand portal.

So again, create this to match your organization. Create this to look the way that you want it to look. Do you want to see things like carousels, which is what this is, right? So we kind of scroll through the different images. Do you want to create a specific folder? Do you want to have like light boxes? This is a filled description, text description, brand guidelines, and this is beta where these are in beta still, but this is our HTML code if you want to code your own, okay? Once you have chosen or you’ve added some of these here to the areas right, you can actually scroll down and see how this looks, but there are some options when we use one of these widgets. So if I wanted to add like a new carousel I can click on it, see how it kind of adjusts and I can add this where I want it to go. Okay? And then I can do things like adding a title, right? I can call it what I want it to be. We can move this, right? So I can click move and we can drag it around. See. I can also resize this, right? So I click on resize and then it will go smaller, smaller, smaller still and then larger, right? So the resize is just a few different kind of pre-canned options, okay? And then we can use this plus sign to add whatever images or graphics or assets to this carousel. Okay? So we just choose from our the DAM proper. Okay? And then you just click insert when you want, when you have the right one. So if I want to create like an education folder right, so I double click on this and I could say, well I really like this one, right? So I would so you can see that one’s added and then that one would be next and maybe we can throw that one in there and then you would insert okay, and it will close that.

And then we can actually see how it functions, right? So we can actually scroll through, right? So this is called a carousel.

Nothing is going to take effect here you guys until you click Publish up here at the top. So at this point we’re still just kind of looking at it, we’re seeing how it’s going to function and look and things like that, but there are some other things here that you can choose like your background colors or text color here.

And click on this and we can see where we want this text to show up. So on the left we can center it to text or we can set it off to the right.

So if you have a specific text here, and if you don’t like this particular, we call these widgets, if you don’t like this widget then go ahead and click the trashcan right there, you can delete that. So you want to, sure, yeah, we can go ahead and get rid of that one and set it the way that we want it to. Okay? But you’re going to really again, kind of customize this homepage.

Again, if your organization has multiple brand portals you can set up for each of these. They can all have a different look. They can all have a different feel to them.

But you’re going to add the widgets, add the assets to those to show what can be seen here for this homepage look.

Okay? All right, I’m going to go ahead and click exit. Let’s do one more here. I forgot. We also have the login page. Let me scroll down here, let’s go ahead and like log in. Again, because I didn’t publish anything, nothing took effect, right? So now we’re here on our login. So you can see here that when I log in it says welcome to the Workfront DAM training, right? That’s what it shows. I’m waiting for this to show up. It looks like my link may have not worked, but it should have my background logo here.

So let’s just see why it’s not working here.

SSO graphic. Let me refresh here. Usually it pulls in so let’s just see what’s going on.

There we go. So now I can actually click here right where it says edit logo, right? So we could click on this and edit the logo and we could choose a file. Now I want you guys to know that when you choose a logo this is from your desktop, this is not going to be stored in your DAM proper, right? So you’re going to choose the file and search for it and upload it.

We can also adjust our text that we see up here at the top. We can adjust text over here on the left. Okay? And you can see here there’s some other customized options here. So log in header, left section. So if you don’t want a left section, you can get rid of it.

If you don’t want a header, you can get rid of it, but or choose them to actually have them be there. And then under customized you can also choose your background image.

Again, this is not going to be from your Workfront DAM proper, but this is going to be uploadable from your desktop. Okay? Go ahead and cancel. And we can also select the background color, right? So if the image doesn’t take up the full background or if you want a different background, excuse me, for right here, you can choose your slider color that you want or put in your hexadecimal code, okay? So we can choose our background that might show up.

Again, customizing the look, customizing the feel of our brand portal for when our users log in, the things that they’re going to be seeing. Again, all customizable. -

Additional Appearance setting

The Font option under the Appearance menu styles all of the text throughout your Brand Portal in the selected font. More than 800 Google fonts are supported.

The Font option under the Appearance menu style for the Brand Portal

Homepage widgets

Customize the look and feel of your Brand Connect homepage to match your organization. Using widgets, you can add elements such as folders and image sliders. If your organization has multiple Brand Connects, each has its own homepage, which you can give distinct looks.

A screenshot of the available widgets for your Brand Connect homepage

These widgets are available:

A. Carousel—Display multiple assets in an image slider. You can add descriptions to each asset. Click the Add icon to select images to display in the carousel.

B. Folder—Display a folder that contains selected assets. Click the Add icon to open the Asset Chooser so you can select a folder. Assets in the folder are visible to Brand Connect users but can only be downloaded by those with permission.

C. Lightbox—Display an existing Lightbox. The assets in the Lightbox will be visible to Brand Connect users but can only be downloaded by those with permission.

D. Brand Guidelines—Display the Brand Guidelines on the homepage instead of/in addition to in the top navigation bar.

E. Description—Use to display short pieces of text.

F. Filled Description—Enter a text copy block to display on a gray background…

G. HTML—Use HTML and CSS to create custom content. For example, you could embed a link to a video. There are some HTML tags to avoid.

If you design a custom homepage for your organization’s Brand Connect, users have to click into the Assets area to run a search.

But system administrators can create a search bar using the HTML widget and this HTML tag:


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