Add custom pages in Brand Connect

Last update: 2023-06-27
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In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Add pages to the navigation bar
  • Create custom Brand Connect pages
  • Customize options in the navigation bar

Pages are the… They’re in the menu or pages menu in our top navigation bar. So you can see here that it says things like Spring Fling Style, Summer Sun Style. Let me just show you. See, Spring Fling Style, Summer Sun Style. So these are the pages that we’re adding here to our Workfront DAM, to the brand portal, okay? And you can actually create up to five custom pages to display in the brand portal.

So if you want to create a page, you’re going to click right here where it says add, okay? And you’re going to enter a title. So you’re going to give it a name. So let’s just say, I don’t know, we’ve had spring, summer, let’s do fall.

Fall Formal. I don’t know. These somehow feel like high school dances. Let’s go ahead and click Add.

And it’ll say successfully added page. And you’ll see it right there.

Fall Formal, okay, anyway. And here at this point, you can even rename it if you want to rename it but there is the edit option. And this is what we want to do.

We’re going to click Edit. To edit these pages, it’s really, really helpful to know HTML.

A visual editor, so this is code but we can do a visual editor as well but it’s not as powerful as HTML. And you can use things like HTML, you can use CSS, you can use iframes to code this and to have the look and feel. So if you maybe even had an embedable webpage like from your company that you might want on these, then you could put that in here, put in your text. However you want to actually really create this. Now, once you’ve created it and put in all of your information, you can click Preview right here and it will generate that preview.

It is not going to be available to anybody, to any user until you click Publish. Now, once you click Publish, then it’s available to all your brand portal users.

Go ahead and click exit. And if you don’t want that particular page anymore, there’s your trashcan right there. You can go ahead and delete. It’s going to you, are you sure? You hit yes.

Down at the bottom, successfully deleted page.

So again, you can create these custom pages for your users to add or to see, or to whatever. So you can again, kind of customize this and create this a little bit the way that you want to.

So again, those are going to be our customizing our pages. All right, let’s move on now to navigation.

So I’m going to select navigation.

Again, there are going to be seven spots in the navigation bar that we see up here. So seven spots, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. I could actually have a couple more out here. So seven spots total available.

And one spot is always going to be taken up by assets.

That’s always going to be there. You you can see here we have our brand guidelines that we put in. There’s the Spring Fling, Summer Sun Style.

And then we’ve even included a link. So the Workfront help, you can see here, it has that little link that we have added. So if you wanted to add a page, you’d have to click right here. It says add a page and then you’d search for the page that has been previously created right here with pages.

If you want to add a link, click right there. It says add a link and then you say link name, put it in. Example, and then put in the web address.

So again, if you’re also using Workfront, you could have a link here from the brand portal to Workfront’s login.

Now, here we can also do things, like we can delete or you can move it. So if you want to adjust where it shows up in your navigation bar, then you can do that. So we could actually move some things around and make some edits and changes so we can rearrange the order for that top navigation bar. -

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