Send and share reports

Last update: 2023-06-27
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In this video, you will learn:

  • How to send reports to users, teams, or any email address
  • How to share reports with anyone
  • What recipients can see and do with a Workfront report

Activity: Send a report

Send a report to yourself every Monday at 5 am as an Excel spreadsheet. This is a great way to automatically collect weekly reports that you can later use to see trends.


An image of the screen to set up repeating report deliveries

  1. View any report you have created, and choose Send Report from the Report Actions menu.
  2. Click the Repeating Deliveries tab.
  3. Put your email address in the Send to field.
  4. Provide an email subject.
  5. Change the format to Excel.
  6. Set Repeats to Weekly.
  7. Set the Time to 5 am.
  8. Set Repeats On to Monday.
  9. Click Save.

Notice your new Repeating Delivery in the Repeating Deliveries panel on the right. You can set up multiple deliveries for a report and they all appear here.


Select the delivery you just created and click Delete (next to the Save button).

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