Common questions about request queues

Why can I see a request queue, but my user cannot?

In the Queue Details tab of your request queue/project, ensure your user fits the criteria of the “Who can add requests to this queue?” field.

I gave users access to the queue, but now they can also see the request queue project. Why?

This has to do with how you gave them access to the request queue.

If you used the Sharing tool from the request queue project landing page, then you have given those users access to see the project in the list of projects.

If, however, you wanted to give them access only to submit a request to the queue, go to Queue Setup and select the appropriate option under “Who can add requests to this project.”

Can I turn a request into a project?

Yes. You can convert issues into tasks or projects depending on what is needed.

Check out this article for more information: Convert issues.

Where do I find a request queue to make edits?

You can either use the Search field in the navigation bar or find it listed in the Projects area.

Can I transfer the information from a request custom form to a project?

Yes. This involves creating a custom form and selecting both Issue and Project object types.

I’m looking at a project or task report. How can I find out what request this object originated from?

You can leverage the Converted Issue Originator field source to add that information to your project and task reports.

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