Attach and edit existing approval processes

Last update: 2023-07-20
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In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Use an existing approval process
  • Edit an existing approval process for a specific project, task, or issue

How to attach and edit existing approval processes. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to use an existing approval process and how to edit an existing approval process for a specific project, task, or issue. Remember that existing approval processes are what are known as global approval processes. System administrators are the ones that create the existing approval process within the system setup area using the same steps that we taught you for single-use approvals. This makes them readily available for you to use on projects, tasks, and issues. For our example, we will use an existing approval process for a project. In the project list, I will go ahead and click Fall Signage project. From here, I will select Approvals. From the Approvals page, you can see that I can select between using an existing approval process or create a single use approval process. For this example, we want to go ahead and use an existing approval process so I will click on the Dropdown. We have two existing approval processes here. One called Director Project Approval and the other called Executive Approval. Let’s select Director Project Approval. Now the approval is going to look exactly like the single use approval process, however, this has already been created for us. As you can see, the approval process will start when the status is set to complete. Stage one of the approval will go to Jordan Steeple and you can see at the bottom, if rejected, the status will revert back to the previous status. I’m going to go ahead and click Save to save this approval. Once I click Save, I do have the option to edit the approval process by clicking on the Edit Approval Process button. Editing the approval process at this point is not going to update the global approval process. This will only update the approval process for this use. You can see that all the fields now are open and available for me to change. For this example, I’m going to remove Jordan Steeple from the approvers for stage one and I’ll go ahead and add Jarron Quasar. From here, I could add additional stages or change any of the other fields that I needed to. However, I have updated the approval as needed and we’ll go ahead and click Save. You can see that we get a confirmation box that says changes you make to the approval process attached from Setup will be available only on this project. This means, that we’re not changing the approval process that was established or created by the system administrator. We have now updated the approval process for the Project Fall Signage. Thank you for being with us for this course. -

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