Adjust job role, budget, and cost information in the Scenario Planner

Last update: 2023-06-27
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In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Add or remove job roles to a plan or initiative
  • Adjust budget information
  • Adjust cost information

Welcome to Adjust Job Role, Budget and Cost Information in the Scenario Planner. In this video, you will learn how to adjust initial job roles, budgets, and costs in the scenario planner.

After creating a plan with various initiatives, you may find that adjustments need to be made to your initial plan. When looking at the plan and its initiatives, you may find there aren’t enough resources available at the same time or there aren’t enough resources available period. So adjustments are needed in order to resolve those conflicts. This can be done a couple of ways in the work front scenario planner. For example, at the plan level, you added the job roles of copywriter, copy editor and designer, and indicated how many of each are available either in hours or FTE for the plan’s duration. However, several initiatives overlap and need the same resources at the same time, which Adobe Workfront highlights in red. To see if resources are available later, slide the initiative to another timeframe within the plan duration, but that may not be an option if there are certain deadlines that must be met. So you can either go to the overall job role distribution for the plan and put an additional FTEs or hours where the screen indicates more are needed or you can go to the individual initiatives and redistribute the FTEs or job role hours to resolve the conflicts.

If the numbers cannot be adjusted, this indicates you may need to hire an additional person to meet that resource need. You can indicate this in the work front scenario planner by checking the box next to add roles to the scenario’s available resource and clicking apply. A green arrow then indicates where that additional resource needs to be added to the plan.

The same can be done when it comes to potential costs that will be incurred for the initiatives. It may be that there are more costs at the beginning of an initiative to get it up and running than there are at the end or vice versa. Whatever the case may be, you can indicate where those costs will take place for the initiatives in the work front scenario planner. By default, the work front scenario planner includes the people or resource or costs. However, you can exclude those numbers in your planning if that is not a factor. However you decide to manage the initiatives in your plans, the work front scenario planner lets you see potential resource, timeline, and budget needs and or issues that could appear during the life of a plan before they actually happen. -

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