Collaborate on work with My Updates

Last update: 2023-06-27
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In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Access the work items you’ve been asked to review using the My Updates page
  • Complete a review of approval requests
  • Use the Mentions section to view updates that you’ve been included in
  • Reply to updates

Collaborate on work with My Updates. In this video, you will learn how to access the work items you’ve been asked to review, using the My Updates page, complete a review of approval requests, use the Mentions section to view updates that you’ve been included in and reply to updates. The My Updates page was designed especially for you a review license holder and Adobe Work Front. This user-friendly page helps you access your work faster by providing a one-stop spot for everything that needs your review. In addition, you’ll be able to see and reply to comments that you’ve been tagged in. Not only does My Updates provide visibility into the work processes you’re a part of, it also allows you to collaborate with others using Work Front.

Let’s start with reviewing work and completing approval requests on the My Updates page.

Review approval requests.

When you log into Adobe Work Front you may land directly on the My Updates page. If you don’t, just click the main menu and select My Updates. How you access the page depends on the setups done by your organization’s Work Front System Administrator but it really doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you get there. Once you’re on the My Updates page, the top part of the page displays all of your pending approval requests. These requests were made by other Work Front users who want you to review a project, task, issue, document, or proof. The list displays five items at a time which gives you the perfect amount of information about each request while still letting you easily access the Mentions area. The section will be covered in more detail later. To view more requests click the navigation arrows to get the next set of five items awaiting your decisions. For each approval request, you’ll see who made the request, the name of the item to be approved. For example, this could be the name of a document or the name of a task, an icon that indicates what type of item the approval is needed for, project, task, issue, document, or proof.

The item ready for review is associated with, for example, if asked to approve a task, you’ll also see the name of the project it comes from. And at the bottom you see a timestamp indicating when the request was made. If you need more information about the approval request click the name to open it. For example, you may want to look through the update stream for a specific piece of information, check the details or take a look at attached files.

Which options for approving an item appear on the right side of the window depend on what type of item it is. For projects, tasks, and issues, you’ll see a approve and reject. For documents, you’ll see approve changes and reject. Click the desired button to complete the approval. If you’d like to send a note with your decision click the arrow to open the Comments area.

Proofs have a Go To Proof button, because proof approvals are done from within the proofing viewer. Click Go To Proof to open the viewer, then click Make Decision at the top of the window so you can select the approval option you want.

Delegate approvals.

It’s important that approvals are completed in a timely manner so as not to delay work or cause deadlines to be missed. That means when you’re out of the office, you’ll want someone to handle any approvals that would normally come your way. You can do that by delegating your project task and issue approvals to someone else. Click the Delegate My Approvals button at the top-right of the window, then enter the name of the person filling in for you. You can set a date range for when approvals would be rerouted to them, or you can leave it open-ended by checking the box.

Note, you can only delegate to one person and they will receive all of your project task and issue approvals. Document improve approvals will continue to come to you so those would need to be reassigned by the person making the approval request.

If plans change and you need to edit or cancel the approval delegation, click the Edit Delegation button. To change an active delegation, simply update the information and click Save. To stop the existing delegation, select Stop Delegation.

Anything that’s not already approved or rejected automatically comes back to you. And don’t forget, just like you can delegate your approvals to someone else, they can delegate approvals to you By default, the My Updates page shows all approvals assigned and delegated to you. Use the filter to help distinguish between approvals assigned directly to you and ones that were delegated to you.

The Mentions section Stay in the loop with the work you’re a part of through the Mentions area at the bottom of the My Updates page this section shows conversations on work items where you’ve been included or mentioned in an update. In addition to the update text you’ll see the item such as a project or task the update was made on, who made the update, and a timestamp showing when the comment was made. You can reply to the update right here by clicking the Reply button. Enter your note and click Reply.

You’ll see your response posted as part of the thread on the original comment.

As you’re writing your update, you can see the names of anyone else who was included on the update thread. To add someone to the thread you can tag them on your comment. There are two ways to do this. In the text of your update type the @ symbol and then the person’s name. Select them from the dropdown list that appears or type their name in the Notify section. Write under the space where you typed your comment.

The updates that appear in My Updates are only the ones in which you’ve been tagged. To see the full update history of the item click the name to open it and select Updates from the left menu. You can reply to comments and updates here by clicking Reply.

As you can see, My Updates really is your one-stop spot in Work Front, allowing you to collaborate with your team members as efficiently as possible. With just a glance, you can see which approvals are awaiting your attention and the Mention section helps you stay up-to-date on the work you’re involved in by showing you updates you are mentioned in. -

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