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Last update: 2023-06-27
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There may be times when you need to edit users in Workfront. For example, a user changes positions within the company, so different Workfront permissions are needed.

Edit a single user

  • Select Users from the Main Menu.
  • Click the user’s name in the list. This opens the profile page in Workfront.
  • Click Edit from the 3-dot menu in the page header.
  • The user’s profile page opens, allowing you to edit personal information, preferences, notifications, access level, organization options, resource planning settings, and custom forms.
  • Click Save Changes.

Edit Person window

Edit multiple users

Workfront’s bulk edit feature allows you to edit multiple users at the same time. This is helpful when the same information about several people needs to change, such as reassigning an access level or changing team assignments.

Check the boxes next to the users you want to edit. Then click the Edit button to open the user details. The changes you make apply to all the selected users.

Edit Person window

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