at.js plug-ins

Information about supported and not-supported at.js plug-ins in Adobe Target.

Many people have built customized plugins and response plug-ins for mbox.js. These custom plug-ins might not be supported by at.js without being updated.

If you are using a plug-in that is not listed here and you would like to know the status, please contact your account representative.

Here is the current status of some of the plug-ins that are used by many customers when used with at.js:

Plugin Details
mboxTrack Not supported.
This is replaced by the function. Update your plug-ins to apply the new function.
See the integrations page.
Persistent Profile Backup Plugin Not supported.
This plug-in was deprecated when the Target profile lifetime was extended from two weeks to 90 days. Check the expiration date of your mbox cookie to see the profile lifetime setting on your account.
Contact ClientCare if you would like to extended the profile lifetime to 90 days.
ttMeta Old SiteCatalyst plugins should be disabled and replaced with Adobe Analytics as the reporting source for Adobe Target (A4T). The ttMeta plugin should be disabled and replaced with the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger.

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