Get Offers (Node.js)


getOffers() is used to execute a decision and retrieve an experience from Adobe Target.



TargetClient.getOffers(options: Object): Promise


The options object has the following structure:

Name Type Required Default Description
Request Object Yes None Conforms to the Target Delivery API request
visitorCookie String No None ECID (VisitorId) cookie
targetCookie String No None Target cookie
targetLocationHint String No None Target location hint
consumerId Sting No None consumerIds for Analytics for Target (A4T) stitching
CustomerIds Array No None Customer IDs in VisitorId-compatible format
sessionId String No None Used for linking multiple Target requests
visitor Object No new VisitorId Supply an external VisitorId instance


Promise returned has the following structure:

Name Type Description
request Object Target Delivery API request
response Object Target Delivery API response
visitorState Object Object that should be passed to Visitor API getInstance()
targetCookie Object Target cookie
targetLocationHintCookie Object Target location hint cookie
analyticsDetails Array Analytics payload, in case of client-side Analytics usage
responseTokens Array A list of Response tokens.
trace Array Aggregated trace data for all request mboxes/views
status Object An object containing the status of the response.
decisioningMethod String Determines which decisioning method to use (on-device, server-side, hybrid)

targetCookie and targetLocationHintCookie objects used for passing data back to the browser have the following structure:

Name Type Description
name String Cookie name
value Any Cookie value, the will be converted to string
maxAge Number The maxAge option is a convenience for setting expires relative to the current time in seconds

The status object used for indicating the status of the target response has the following structure:

Name Type Description
status Number HTTP status code
message String A message about the response. For instance, it may indicate if the response was decided on-device or server-side
remoteMboxes Array When decisioning Method is on-device, an array of mbox names that could not be fully decided on-device is given. In other words, a Target Delivery API request is needed.



const TargetClient = require("@adobe/target-nodejs-sdk");
const CONFIG = {
  client: "acmeclient",
  organizationId: "1234567890@AdobeOrg"

const targetClient = TargetClient.create(CONFIG);

const request = {
    context: {channel: "web"},
    execute: {
        mboxes: [{
            name: "a1-serverside-ab",
            index: 1

const response = await targetClient.getOffers({ request });

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