Get Attributes (Node.js)

Last update: 2023-07-17
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getAttributes() is used to fetch experimentation and personalized experiences from Target and extract attribute values.



TargetClient.getAttributes(mboxNames: Array, options: Object): Promise


Name Type Required Default
mboxNames Array Yes None
options Object No None


The Promise returned by TargetClient.getAttributes() resolves an object with the following methods:

Method Return Type Description
getValue(mboxName, key) Any Returns the value for a specified mbox name and attribute key
asObject(mboxName) Object Returns a simple json object with key value pairs
getResponse() getOffers Response Returns the response object normally returned by getOffers



const TargetClient = require("@adobe/target-nodejs-sdk");
const CONFIG = {
  client: "acmeclient",
  organizationId: "1234567890@AdobeOrg"

const targetClient = TargetClient.create(CONFIG);
const offerAttributes = await targetClient.getAttributes(["demo-engineering-flags"]);

//returns just the value of searchProviderId from the mbox offer
const searchProviderId = offerAttributes.getValue("demo-engineering-flags", "searchProviderId");

//returns a simple JSON object representing the mbox offer
const engineeringFlags = offerAttributes.asObject("demo-engineering-flags");

//  the value of engineeringFlags looks like this
//  {
//      "cdnHostname": "",
//      "searchProviderId": 143,
//      "hasLegacyAccess": false
//  }

const assetUrl = `http://${engineeringFlags.cdnHostname}/path/to/asset`;

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