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Last update: 2023-07-17
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When initializing the SDK, an optional OnDeviceDecisioningReady delegate can be provided on the TargetClientConfig object, which will be invoked when the SDK is ready for on-device method calls. There are also a couple other delegates available for handling the on-device decisioning artifact download.


The following delegates can be configured for certain events:

Name Arguments Description
OnDeviceDecisioningReady None Called only once the first time the client is ready for on-device decisioning
ArtifactDownloadSucceeded string contents of artifact file Called every time an on-device decisioning artifact is downloaded
ArtifactDownloadFailed Exception Called every time there is a failure to download an on-device decisioning artifact



var clientConfig = new TargetClientConfig.Builder("acmeclient", "1234567890@AdobeOrg")
    .SetArtifactDownloadSucceeded(artifact => Console.WriteLine("The artifact was successfully downloaded. Contents: " + artifact))
    .SetArtifactDownloadFailed(exception => Console.WriteLine("The artifact failed to download. Exception: " + exception.Message))

var targetClient = TargetClient.Create(clientConfig);

// ...

static void DecisioningReady()
    var mboxRequests = new List<MboxRequest> { new (index: 1, name: "a1-serverside-ab") };

    var targetDeliveryRequest = new TargetDeliveryRequest.Builder()
        .SetExecute(new ExecuteRequest(mboxes: mboxRequests))

    var targetResponse = targetClient.GetOffers(targetDeliveryRequest);

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