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GetOffers() is used to execute a decision and retrieve an experience from Adobe Target.


TargetClient.GetOffers method signature.


TargetDeliveryResponse TargetClient.GetOffers(TargetDeliveryRequest request)

TargetDeliveryRequest is created using TargetDeliveryRequest.Builder.


TargetDeliveryRequest.Builder TargetDeliveryRequest.Builder()


The TargetDeliveryRequest.Builder object has the following structure:

Name Type Required Description
context Context Yes Specifies the context for the request
sessionId String No Used for linking multiple Target requests
thirdPartyId String No Your company’s identifier for the user that you can send with every call
cookies List No List of cookies returned in previous Target request of same user.
customerIds Map No Customer Ids in VisitorId-compatible format
execute ExecuteRequest No PageLoad or mboxes request to execute. Will be evaluated on server side immediately
prefetch PrefetchRequest No Views, PageLoad or mboxes request to prefetch. Returns with notification token to be returned on conversion.
notifications List No Used to sent notifications regarding what prefetched content was displayed
requestId String No The request ID that will be returned in the response. Generated automatically if not present.
impressionId String No If present, second and subsequent requests with the same id will not increment impressions to activities/metrics. Generated automatically if not present.
environmentId Long No Valid client environment id. If not specified host will be determined base on the provided host.
property Property No Specifies the at_property via the token field. It can be used to control the scope for the delivery.
trace Trace No Enables trace for Delivery API.
qaMode QAMode No Use this object to enable the QA mode in the request.
locationHint String No Target edge cluster location hint. Used to target given edge cluster for this request.
visitor Visitor No Used to provide custom Visitor API object.
id VisitorId No Object that contains the identifiers for the visitor. Eg. tntId, thirdParyId, mcId, customerIds.
experienceCloud ExperienceCloud No Specifies integrations with Audience Manager and Analytics. Automatically populated using cookies, if not provided.
tntId String No Primary identifier in Target for a user. Fetched from targetCookies. Auto-generated if not provided.
mcId String No Used to merge and share data between different Adobe solutions(ECID). Fetched from targetCookies. Auto-generated if not provided.
trackingServer String No The Adobe Analytics Server in order for Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics to correctly stitch the data together.
trackingServerSecure String No The Adobe Analytics Secure Server in order for Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics to correctly stitch the data together.
decisioningMethod DecisioningMethod No Can be used to explicitly set ON_DEVICE or HYBRID decisioning method for on-device decisioning

The values of each field should conform to Target Delivery API request specification.


The TargetDeliveryResponse returned by TargetClient.GetOffers() has the following structure:

Name Type Description
Request TargetDeliveryRequest​ Target Delivery API request
Response DeliveryResponse​ Target Delivery API* response
Status HttpStatusCode Response HTTP status code
Message string Response status message or error message
Locations Locations Target location names, including global mbox name and mboxes/views for which only remote decisioning is available
GetCookies Dictionary Returns a dictionary of session metadata for this user. This needs to be passed in next Target request for this user.
VisitorState IDictionary Visitor state to be set on client side for Visitor API Javascript library initialization

The TargetCookie object used for saving data for user session has the following structure:

Name Type Description
Name string Cookie name
Value string Cookie value
MaxAge int The MaxAge option is a convenience for setting Expires relative to the current time in seconds

You don’t have to worry about expiring the cookies. Target handles MaxAge inside the SDK.



var targetClientConfig = new TargetClientConfig.Builder("acmeClient", "ABCDEF012345677890ABCDEF0@AdobeOrg")

var targetClient = TargetClient.Create(targetClientConfig);

var mboxRequests = new List<MboxRequest> { new (index: 1, name: "a1-serverside-ab") };

var targetDeliveryRequest = new TargetDeliveryRequest.Builder()
    .SetExecute(new ExecuteRequest(mboxes: mboxRequests))

var targetResponse = targetClient.GetOffers(targetDeliveryRequest);

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