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Last update: 2023-07-17
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Information about the global mbox, a name used to refer to the single server call made at the top of each web page in your Adobe Target implementation.

By default, the global mbox is named target-global-mbox. It can be renamed for your account, if necessary.

There are several differences between a regular mbox (non-global mbox) and the global mbox, including:

Regular mbox Global mbox
A regular mbox typically wraps around content with a <DIV> tag. The global mbox is “empty” and does not wrap around any content.
Content from only one activity can be delivered in a regular mbox. Content from multiple activities can be delivered in one response to a global mbox.

If multiple activities are delivered via the global mbox or via multiple regular mboxes, Target determines the priority by which the activity (or activities) are delivered to a web page.

Additional page-level data can be sent to Target along with the global mbox by using the targetPageParams function. This is similar to the mbox parameter functionality. For more information, see Passing Parameters to a Global mbox.

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