Using the History option

You can use History to review a list of all the revisions that were made to an implemented feature such as a facet, breadcrumb, banner, or template, to name a few.

History shows you the following for a given feature:

  • Version number of the revision.
  • Email address of the account user who changed the options or settings of a feature.
  • Date that the change was made.
  • Type of save that was made.

You can also use History to revert to a previously applied change that was made to the feature. The entry with a bold version value represents the current version and is always at the top of the list.


The History option is not available for all features.

To use the History option

  1. Depending on the feature you are currently using, click History in the upper-right corner of the page or window that is currently open.

  2. (Optional) In the History window, do any of the following:

    • Set the number of revisions that you want to show per page from the Show drop-down list.
    • Click a hyperlinked version number to revert the settings in the feature to a specific date.
  3. Click Close.

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