Search&Promote 8.9.3 Release Notes (11/01/2012)

Search&Promote 8.9.3 Release Notes (11/01/2012)

New features and enhancements


Facet Rail

Added the new Facet Rail option to help give you greater control over the ordering of facet families and facet names (by count, alphabetical).

See About Facet Rail.

Nested facets

Added support for alternate sorting of nested facets.

See About Facet Rail.

Notes field in ranking rules

Added a multi-line Notes field to the Add Ranking Metric dialog box and the Edit Ranking Metric dialog box for ranking rules and rule group definitions.

Ranking rule notes are displayed on the Define Ranking Rules page. Rule group notes appear when you edit the definition.

See About Ranking Rules.

Business rules

Improved landing page support by removing natural results in a business rule using the new Remove All Results option.

Use this new option in conjunction with other business rule actions to create "canned landing pages." That is, you want to create a page's content by business rule actions exclusively and you need to discard the "natural" results of the search.

See Adding a new business rule or Editing a business rule.

Banners and business rules

Added a support option where you can conditionally opt out pushing banners live when the business rule that references the banner is pushed live.


  • Business rules worked inconsistently when there was a Stage index.

  • Autoranking rules are now applied to canned landing pages.

    See the table of options in Adding a ranking rule.

  • promosearch.cgi was not returning promotions.

    See About Searches.

  • Pushing rules that referenced many banners sometimes failed.

    See About Banners.

  • Did You Mean search query caching is now disabled.

    See About Did You Mean.

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