Search&Promote 8.17.0 Release Notes (10/30/2014)

New features

  • Debugging of the simulator - provides additional information concerning the placement of each individual visible search result.

  • Tags for business rules - Added ability to tag business rules with specific labels thereby letting you filter for rules that match a given label.

    See About Business Rules.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Vertical update-based re-ranking - faster re-ranking of the index now results in performance that is better representative of what your real web traffic experiences.

    See About Re-Rank Index.

  • When Ignore Apostrophes and Ignore Hyphens is enabled in Linguistics > Words & Language, Auto-complete now removes apostrophes and hyphens from the query data as expected.

    See About Words & Language and About Auto-Complete.

  • Process monitor now restarts apache processes.

  • Implemented a “Reveal Facet Item” action in Business Rules.

  • On the Adjust Ranking Weights page, you now have the ability to adjust the Rule & Relevancy Balance setting in 1% increments.

    See Adjusting the weight associated with ranking rules.

  • Apache was crashing with Kindle Fire’s Silk browser user-agent.

  • An indexing failure issue was fixed.

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