Search&Promote 8.9.1 Release Notes (08/16/2012)

Fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed search queries that had asterisks at the end and were not expanded with their synonyms.

  • Fixed date queries that were working incorrectly.

  • Fixed an error where it was possible to add an empty line to the Auto-complete word list.

  • Added support for facet sorting that is not case sensitive.

  • Added an advisory message to tell the user to create a strong Adobe Search&Promote account password.

  • Added a SSO-Login-Only option to the Support tab in the Member Center.

  • Fixed an error in scripted filtering that could hang a search crawl.

  • Fixed an error where nothing would happen when you right-clicked Banner, and then clicked Select Different Banner from visual rule builder.

  • Fixed various issues with pushing staged business rules live.

  • Fixed an error in which banner tags are not searched.

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