Search&Promote 8.9 Release Notes (07/19/2012)

New features

  • Metadata management improvements - Dynamic metadata definition from customer feeds

    Create a scheme to dynamically re-configure your Search&Promote account based on customer-provided metadata definitions.

  • Indexing performance improvements - Index Loader

    Index Loader is a new way to import XML content directly into a Search&Promote index. It is a subset of the existing Index Connector functionality that is designed to quickly import our standard XML feed files.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Added support for changing the sort option by a business rule.
  • In the Help system <search-description> tag shows the body instead when the meta tag for the description has empty content.
  • Added ability to track applicable table hits for results that were added by way of results-based actions.
  • Added support for submitting query parameters via POST
  • When crawling, a final mirror_account operation can be skipped in some cases.
  • Adobe Analytics URLs do not include CGI arguments and the Search&Promote code that does Adobe Analytics look-ups needed to similarly strip CGI arguments from URL keys.
  • Rewrite rules disappeared intermittently from the user interface after they were pushed to live.
  • Search&Promote accounts with Did You Mean settings that were set to make suggestions due to low results may have intermittent results.
  • Rewrite rule test output did not have line breaks.
  • The Search URL Rules page and the Crawl List Store URL Rules page pointed to the wrong History page.
  • Clicking Edit on some banners did not display the Edit page.
  • Re-ranking update code could sometimes be extraordinarily slow.
  • Removing or pushing a facet item did not work if the facet name used mixed case.

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