Search&Promote 8.10.1 Release Notes (07/18/2013)

New feature


Dynamic faceting

Dynamic faceting is a new enhancement that allows core search to return the set of N-most relevant dynamic-facet-fields for a given search from among a pool of dynamic-facet-fields.

If you are interested in this new enhancement, contact consulting. They will perform an assessment to see if you can leverage its benefit.

German de-compounder

A de-compounder is now available to support German.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Business Rules - Added the ability to assign more than one schedule to a business rule.

    See About Business Rules.

  • Guided Search - Fixed an issue where falling back to the XML parser was disabled.

  • Archive, compressed, and uncompressed files - Added the capability to download and extract information from the following archive, compressed, and uncompressed file types: .zip/tar/tar.gz/tar.bz2/gzip/bzip2

  • Remote control indexing - Added regenerate ability to remote control indexing actions.

    See About Remote Control for Indexing.

    See also About Regenerate Index.

  • Facet rail - Added support for multiple facet rails.

    See About Facet Rail.

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