Search&Promote 8.8.1 Release Notes (05/31/2012)

Fixes and enhancements

  • Pagination was missing the next link when there was more than 1000 results and the totals were comma separated.
  • Pagination was displaying GSPAGENAVPLACEHOLDER in the search results instead to the actual pagination.
  • Removed footer from the Visual Rule Builder.
  • Breadcrumbs now use facet slots display name instead of the abstract slot facet name.
  • Adobe Scene7: You can now edit a parameter the second time around.
  • Facet slots display name did not come back properly when the facet is a sticky facet (or multi-select) and is selected.
  • <search-description> tag showed the body instead when the metatag for the description had empty content.
  • Exposed Guided Search Requests under Reports > Search Requests.

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