Search&Promote 8.8 Release Notes (04/26/2012)

New features

  • Dynamic faceting

    Ability to dynamically facet against a free-form set of attributes associated with each page of site content, that potentially change (new attributes are added, old ones remove or renamed) from index to index. Dynamic faceting automatically maps the slot facets with the real facets. The Guided Search layer helps facilitate this feature with business rules.

  • Adobe Search&Promote e user interface

    Implemented Adobe User Interface across all Adobe Search&Promote web pages.

  • Tighter integration with Adobe’s login portal

    Adobe Search&Promote customers can use the Adobe login portal exclusively. Current Adobe Publish, Adobe SiteSearch, and Atomz customers will continue to use the legacy login.

  • New morphological analyzer for supporting Chinese and Japanese

    Morphological analyzer is applied on index and on search time for supporting Chinese and Japanese.

  • Support for new documents types, such as Microsoft Office 2010

    Search can convert various type of documents, such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, and .mp3 into HTML before feeding into the indexer.

  • New Adobe Search&Promote online Help system

    Online Help system has a new user interface and is now task-based.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed pushing a banner live using Stage Manager that resulted in broken Dynamic Media Classic related functionality in live.
  • Fixed an issue where editing a rule with the trigger “Query Parameter does not exist” was incorrectly translated to “Keyword contains”.
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to Edit Parameter the second time around.
  • Fixed an issue with Index Connector where two or more map definitions cannot point to the same metadata/field value.
  • Fixed problems with crawling some PDF documents. Upgrading to 3.03 solves the recent crashes.
  • Added the ability for shorter business rules descriptions (for example, not showing field_table in the manager).
  • The Guided Search navigation menu had a maximum of nine items. Now the maximum is 20.
  • Performance improvements made to Index Connector.

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