Search&Promote 15.3.1 Release Notes (03/24/2015)

New features and enhancements

  • Searching product model numbers - Added a new Linguistics setting that lets you optionally split tokens on alphabetical-numerical transitions. This functionality allows more flexible free-text matches on part or product style tokens.

    See Partial Alphanumeric Matching in Configuring how search terms are matched to your web content….

  • Added ability to export data view results.

    See About Data Views.

  • Dynamically Generated Ranges for ranged attributes auto-facet-value bucketing features.

    Adobe Systems currently requires you to provide content identifying range values to do this. For example, for a price of 10, generate a range string “Between $10 and $20”). Or, Adobe Systems requires you to use Scripted Filtering. Added new attributes to a metadata field definition, for Type=Number fields only. The new options associate the numeric field with a Type=Text field, and specify configuration information describing how the range description is built.

    See Adding a new meta tag field.


  • Facet rail edit dialog should include staged facets.
  • Empty core search results for “embedded” search mode, for a search containing Japanese characters.
  • Tika conversion of Word .docx files now populates the title attribute.
  • Corrected erroneous “duplicate banner” messages in the Banner manager.
  • Dynamic Media Classic banners are now protocol-agnostic.
  • The Table Name field attribute was sometimes hidden when editing user-defined fields in the Metadata user interface, even when Dynamic Facets was enabled for the account.
  • Recent Searches no longer multiply-encodes non-ASCII characters.
  • MDI fields can be populated without resorting to Scripted Filtering.
  • Wrong encoding in suggestions.
  • “other facet selected” trigger now works correctly with complex business rules.

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